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As we work in a community, we often find mother cats with kittens. Once the kittens are old enough, whenever possible, we bring them to foster homes where they are socialized and allowed to become healthy robust kittens. Occasionally, we find social adult cats which we are able to foster as well.  All are given needed shots and medicine and, of course, they are neutered.  We then adopt those kittens or cats out to loving homes for a fee; this helps to cover our costs for medicine and surgeries, plus gives us a little extra to help save other cats/kittens lives.

Because these cats are in our home and not in cages, our fosters know each cat's personality and temperament and can match you with your perfect feline friend.  

Our adoption fee for kittens is $125 for one and $230 for two. 

The fee for socialized adult cats varies, but generally we charge $60.


Note: We recommend adopting two kittens if you have no other pets (or even if you do), because you will get twice the love with less work  it provides them a live-in playmate, they will develop fewer behavioral issues and the costs remain relatively similar.

Check out our feline friends that are looking for homes here!  If you are interested in adopting, please review our adoption agreement and submit a contact us, call or text.  

Nobody available for adoption?  Contact us anyway, we have kittens or cats in foster homes that might be available for adoption soon.  

Thank you for considering adoption!

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