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We are Not a Rescue

All of the cats and kittens that we take in are fostered in the homes of our volunteers.  We do not have any facilities where we can house rescued cats.  We are, in certain instances, able to take in kittens and sometimes socialized adult cats, but it is dependent on whether we have space available at our foster homes.  We are such a small group that we do not have the resources to take in a large number of cats.  Currently, we are focusing our efforts in Goldendale and Centerville, WA, because there are numerous cat communities that need our attention and we only have the ability to focus on one area at a time.   

In the Gorge area there are a few organizations which might be able to take in cats,  but unfortunately there aren't any large shelters, so it may mean contacting one in the Portland or Yakima area.  Since each organization has its own policies, we won't list any links here, but searching on "Cat Rescue" or "Cat Shelter" in the Gorge, Portland or Yakima area will yield several options.  Some shelters euthanize animals that aren't adopted out and for this reason, we suggest looking for a "no-kill" shelter to surrender found animals to. Please be responsible and make the effort to do this; dumping cats only contributes to the larger problem. If the welfare of animals is important to you, this is a meaningful contribution that will help reduce cat overpopulation.

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