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We Need Help Trapping

Pawsitivity only has a handful of volunteers and we are always looking for more help.   If you aren't able to help with trapping, check out our volunteer page for information on ways to help.  

If you live in the Goldendale or Centerville area, we need your help with trapping cats!  We are also able to work with folks in Bickleton, but need to use Goldendale as the meeting point for providing traps and dropping off / picking up cats. The more cats we can trap, the better off these cat colonies will be, by preventing new births and improving the health of the existing cats. 

What We Do:

Pawsitivity works together with community members to locate cat colonies that are in need of trapping.  Once we determine an area that needs our help, we will focus our efforts there to ensure all cats in the colony are neutered, and rescue kittens or cats that can be socialized and adopted out to homes.  We need as much help as possible from volunteers in order for this to be successful (see below for details).


We use the services of the Feral Cat Coalition (FCCO) in Portland and Prevent Homeless Pets (PHP) in Benton City, non-profit organizations, who provide services to fix both feral, stray and pet cats.  We coordinate with FCCO and PHP to make surgery appointments for the cats we trap and donate our time to drive those cats to and from Portland and Benton City for their appointments — we also need volunteers that can help drive the cats to FCCO or PHP.

How it Works:

  • If you notice feral or stray cats around your property, which need to get fixed.  Please submit a TNR Request Form with the requested information.  You may also call or text the number listed on our contact page.  

  • Note: Cats that have a tipped ear have already been fixed. 

  • We lend out traps to be used for trapping cats. A volunteer will come out to explain how the traps should be set out.   If you have experience trapping, please let us know.

  • It is key that you follow the instructions in order for the process to work.

  • Never attempt to pick up or handle a conscious community cat—even a kitten. You risk injury to yourself and the cat. 

  • Do not separate kittens from their mother.  We will provide instructions on how to manage mothers and their kittens.

  • Once you are ready to start trapping, a volunteer will be in touch to confirm the date of the next appointment and when traps should be set out.  Appointments may be several weeks out, so please be aware that this will not happen overnight. Trapping all of the cats in an area may take several attempts, so the entire process can take several months depending on the number of cats that need to be trapped.  Please be patient, it will pay off.

  • The cats will need to be trapped the day before the appointment.  Once the cats are trapped, a volunteer will either pick them up or will arrange a drop off location.  We will arrange transportation of the cats to the driver, who will drive them to Portland the next morning.

  • After surgery the cats need to stay in the traps for one more night, either at your or the driver’s location.  The cats need to be in a dry safe area where they can have some canned food.

  • They will be released back to their home site on the following day. 

  • Traps should be returned clean to Pawsitivity as soon as possible.  A fee will be charged to replace traps that are not returned to Pawsitivity. 


We appreciate as much help as possible with the whole process and are also grateful for donations to help cover our expenses.  See information on how to donate here.


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